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Wishes To Die For draws real intentions for life from the hearts of readers and bridges personal desires for self-fulfillment with advance care planning.

In the confusion and chaos of emergency rooms, dignity is rarely afforded to patients, particularly at the end of life. Nonetheless, this go-to plan is the only recourse for many patients who are intent on averting death and dying. As an Emergency Medicine physician, Kevin Haselhorst routinely confronts heart-breaking dilemmas and atrocities that patients endure. People deserve to die with dignity, but what does that mean?

Dying with dignity is telltale of an honorable life, yet many struggle with this concept as it relates to physician-assisted suicide. Dying with dignity is a personal perception, prospective choice and conscious undertaking.

In Wishes To Die For, Haselhorst applies his practice of yoga to the practice of medicine and explores a heart-centric alternative to the suffering and fear inherent to the process of dying. Dignity is realized through personal empowerment and self determination. It is derived from declaring and documenting heartfelt wishes that prioritize lasting fulfillment and lessen defense mechanisms.

Wishes To Die For examines dying with dignity from both medical and spiritual perspectives, creating a new paradigm for advance care directives. This book discusses how to balance the hope of staying alive with the right to die humanely and peacefully.

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Special thanks to Osnat Tzadok, the artist who created the art on the cover of Wishes To Die For. See more of her great artwork at her website Osnat Fine Art

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